Purdue App

The unofficial Purdue App focusing on design, usability, and security by Purdue iOS Dev Club. It integrates with school servers by communicating through various protocols and by using regex.

Many Purdue students we talked to are disappointed with the official Purdue app, which is nearly unusable and has a really bad user experience. That's why we decided to build a much improved version.

In fact, we got a lot of positive reviews from our users. The launch of the app was so successful that the our version always shows up before the official version in the iOS App Store Search Engine when people search for Purdue.

We had an interview with a journalist from Lafayette Journal and Courier, a Gannett company. It is featured & recommended on their news site. View the article.

My role is the iOS Engineer on the project as the senior vice president of the club, and my responsibility was to help our president implement the user interface and help him debug.

  • Type - Group Project
  • Platform - iOS (iPhone + iPad)
  • Skills/Tools Used - Swift, QuadTree, Xcode
App Store News Article